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Individual support from the foundation idea to the management of the foundation assets.

Centre of competence for foundations

PHILPOTT & BAKER SERVICES LTD Premium Banking is the market leader in the foundation segment. We pool years of experience and in-depth special knowledge for you in the centre of competence for foundations.


Individual support for your foundation
From the foundation idea to asset investment

You benefit from our diverse foundation know-how. An experienced team of specialists for foundations provides you with comprehensive advice:

  • individual investment concepts
  • access to an external network of experts for foundation management, tax and legal topics
  • Accompaniment in the setting up of a foundation
  • Specialist publications and specialist events on current foundation topics
Investment solutions for foundation assets

You receive customised investment concepts for foundations that are tailored to the individual foundation purpose:

  • Liquidity analysis for foundations
  • Analysis of the current asset structure and of the portfolio
  • Development of an optimum investment concept based on the individual foundation purpose
  • Investment offers taking into account the current market situation and the respective risk profile and investment horizon
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