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Health Care Proxy

Who will take care of everything if you are one day no longer in the position to do so yourself? The health care proxy is aimed to ensure this.

Business personally

Prevention is better than cure - an old saying that proves valid especially when one is no longer mentally or physically able to settle one's business personally.

Health Care Proxy

The health care proxy is aimed to ensure this
Health care proxy

This can also happen if one loses their decision-making capacity. If this occurs and no health care proxy has been issued, the court will appoint a legal representative for you. In this case, a health care proxy can be useful. If the occasion arises, you should appoint a person of trust while you are still healthy, who can then see to your business matters subsequently on your behalf.

Fully able to make decisions

If you lose the required decision-making capacity, you can authorise one or more representatives in advance - in other words, while you are still fully able to make decisions. With a health care proxy, the authorised person takes decisions on behalf of the principal who is no longer able to take his/her own decisions. A health care proxy should thus require unlimited personal trust in the authorised person.

The proxy usually covers the following aspects:
  • representing the person before banks
  • representing the person before authorities or courts of law
  • decisions on the future place of residence or accommodation in an old people's home / care facility
  • consent / refusal of medical treatments and examinations,
  • therapies, operations, inspection of medical records
  • disposition of properties
  • receipt of mail
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