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Inestate Succession

If a person dies without having drawn up a will or another testamentary disposition, intestate succession applies.

Opportunities to transfer

Although there are many opportunities to transfer one's estate in PHILPOTT & BAKER SERVICES LTD - there is no obligation to do so. Therefore, it is often the case that people die without having left a testamentary disposition, such as a will.

Inestate Succession

Intestate succession applies
Intestate succession

The regulations on intestate succession are connected with the kinship of a person to the deceased. This means that the estate of the deceased will automatically go to his/her relatives or surviving spouse, or to his/her registered partner. Illegitimate children are on a par with legitimate children. Since 1 January 2017, subject to certain requirements, the life partner also has an extraordinary legal right of inheritance.

Forced heirship

Even if you specify in a testamentary disposition who should receive your estate: Forced heirship poses a limit. This means that close relatives (referred to as persons entitled to a compulsory portion) thus receive a compulsory minimum portion, the compulsory portion, of the estate - even if they have not been taken into consideration in the will.

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