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The Will

Anyone who has worked hard all their life would not like their assets to be lost after their death.

Golden rules for wills

Anyone who takes care of their inheritance during their life will subsequently save a great deal of problems or disputes, often costly, above all for their relatives.

The Will

Testamentary disposition
The Will Testamentary Disposition

With a will, the person making their testamentary disposition can determine what happens with his/her assets after their death. There is only one restriction: Even with a will, it is not possible to circumvent the legally established rules about the compulsory portions.

As a rule, any of the following can be appointed as heirs: Relatives, friends, associations, companies etc.
The correct legal term for a will is a "testamentary disposition that contains a list of the appointed heirs".

How must a valid will be arranged?

The will is a one-page testamentary disposition that can be revoked at any time and with which a person can be appointed as heir, either alone or with others.

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